Oil Change NXT Topside Creeper

Sale price$ 400.00


- Wide stance allows creeper to span oil change pit safely

- Position the topside Creeper NXT into the desired place around your vehicle and secure with two locking casters for added safety

- Ergonomic design with durable padded deck allows for improved productivity over longer periods of time

- Product is designed with safety in mind, Creeper will allow technician to work inside engine bay without having to crawl on or up the front of the vehicle.  This will protect the technician as well as the customers vehicle

- 4" casters, two are locking

- Height adjusts from a min of 49-inches to a max of 65-inches providing more height adjustment points than all previous models

- I-Base design provides a more flexible positioning around the vehicle and other equipment

- The locking lever allows topside Creeper NXT to folds flat for easy and compact storage when not in use

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