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About Us

Traxion is a small company located in Van Buren, Arkansas.  We have a great team of creative people that are always dreaming up new ideas and products.

We are auto enthusiasts - we actually work on them. We see trucks as indispensable tools that should be properly outfitted for work and play. We are outdoors people - hunting, fishing, hiking or camping any chance we get. We think that most products in these areas were developed by marketing people and focus groups - not people who actually use the stuff. We want to change that, and we strive to do that with every new product launch.

We pride ourselves on being resourceful, critical, curious and extremely adaptable. We are really good at product design and strive to understand what our customers want and need.  From automotive tools that make the mechanic safer and more productive to truck accessories that improve accessibility, Traxion Engineered Products continue to support the needs of their customers.

Also, check out Traxion’s sister companies: Infield Systems and Roboxx Portable Structures.