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About Us

TraXion is an outlet for the wishes of its people.

We are auto enthusiasts - we actually work on them. We see trucks as indispensable tools that should be properly outfitted for work and play. We are outdoors people - hunting, fishing, hiking or camping any chance we get. We always thought that the affordable products in these areas were developed by marketing people and focus groups - not people who actually use the stuff. We want to change that, and we try hard to do that with every new product launch.

Our origins come from a company called InField Systems. We have provided portable floors, portable roadways and other infrastructure for premiere events from coast to coast. We have provided services for presidential inaugurations, White House events, hundreds of concerts and festivals, Superbowls, PGA events, NFL events and countless corporate events. At times we have dozens of trucks and hundreds of people working toward a common goal - happy customers.

In order to be really good at this (which we are) we learned to be resourceful, critical, curious and extremely adaptable. Constant operational improvement is necessary for business success in this constantly moving (literally and figuratively) event market.

InField Systems also supplies these infrastructure products to militaries and disaster relief agencies around the world. InField has provided portable, quick-deploy infrastructure in some of the most extreme environments on Earth. You got extreme needs? We know extreme.

These same extreme and volatile requirements with extraordinary terms of service make us really good at this product design and distribution gig with TraXion Engineered Products. We've been through much and understand well what our customers need.