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TraXion WideBody Creeper

TraXion WideBody Creeper


  • WideBody deck with lumbar support provides exceptional comfort and productivity
  • 5" terrain casters provide excellent mobility, roll right over most shop debris and even cords
  • The WideBody outrigged frame gets deck low despite huge casters
  • Convenient WideBody hanger works on peg or toolbox lip
  • Designed and built for the professional with excellent function and durability

The ProGear WideBody Creeper sets a new standard for comfort, function and mobility, there is nothing else like it. Its huge 5" terrain casters provide an easy ride, even on rough shop floors, rolling over small objects that stops other creepers in their tracks. Despite the large wheels, the outrigged frame provides an extremely low profile while the wide-body drop deck has no torso pinch points. The contoured deck provides extra padding where it matters most. It has lumbar support and is extra wide for superior comfort. This results in less fatigue and increased productivity. The contour deck takes comfort to another level. The ProGear WideBody Creeper is an aesthetic and functional work of art. When not in use the WideBody hanger can hook onto a peg or the lip of a tool cabinet.


Pack Dimensions: 42.25" x 20.375" x 7" (107cm x52cm x18cm)
Product Dimensions: 40 x 21.25 x 6.5 / (102cm x54cm x17cm)
Weight: 23lb (10.4kg)
Weight Capacity: 400 Lbs
Ground Clearance: 2"


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