TraXion Inc has purchased select inventory and assets from REL Stapleton of Van Buren, Arkansas in an "in bulk" inventory purchase agreement. Patrick Lensing, managing director of TraXion, said "REL Stapleton has been around since 1972. They have some long time customers and some products that are really innovative. We intend to bring a new focus and energy that can take advantage of this excellent foundation." TraXion will hire some of the people that had been fired during the closing of REL.

There are some people that lost their jobs that are very valuable in serving the markets we have adopted through this asset purchase. We are happy that we were able to find them and hire them. Our goal is to have extraordinary service in operations and customer service and we expect the people identified and hired that were released by REL Stapleton will help us add customers and maintain a great level of service for those customer we are able to convert to the TraXion System.

"REL was a great company with great products. The line of products are innovative and they deserve to go on in the market." They also provide the basis for growth in new products that make the auto tech more productive. We have many ideas about how to do this, and we are excited to have TraXion as an outlet to do these great things and great products.