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Struxure-Steel Ramp (Pair)

Struxure-Steel Ramp (Pair)


Struxure-Steel Folding Pair, Compact Storage, low Clearance, Steel Construction, but almost as lightweight as Aluminum.


  • Light as Aluminum but Strong as Steel
  • Patented Arched-Hinge Design Provides Smooth Loading
  • Arch-Path Even Loads Lawn Mowers
  • Secure-Strap Keeps Ramp Secure for Safe Loading and Unloading
  • Double-Pad Fingers Protect Tailgate from Damage
  • Arch-Hinge Allows Smallest Size for Easy Handling and Stowing
The Struxure-Steel Folding Arched Ramp folds twice along the length of the ramp for compact storage when not in use. The ramp uses the Traxion patented hinge design to fold tight yet still provide an arched surface to allow loading even low clearance equipment like lawn mowers. Steel construction is strong, but by design it is as lightweight as aluminum.


Pack Dimensions: 26" x 13.75" x 11.625" (66cm x35cm x30cm)
Product Dimensions: 78 x 13.75 x 3.88 / (198cm x35cm x10cm)
Weight: 28lb (12.7kg)
Patent(s): US7895693
Weight Capacity: 1200 Per Pair


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